Wow. August. That was my last post. I’m such a slacker. But I’ve been having such a great time with the girls, that I haven’t really given much thought to writing down what’s happening. Work is depressing, so I’m not going to linger there.
Bryn has really developed over the past month. In December, she basically started to initiate potty training all by herself. She just walked up to Kim and said ‘pee-pee’ and when she seated her on the potty away she went. Now she’s just wearing a diaper at night for accidents.
Ava and Bryn both had a blast over Christmas. It was the first year they both truly figured out “hey, we get presents from Santa.” We’re still watching Rudolph and Frosty videos and singing the songs. It’s so much fun to see it so fresh and new considering it’s songs and videos I’ve seen now for over 30 years.
Anyhow, I know I should write more, but hey, at least I’ve written something. After all, who actually reads this? I figure I’ll just document it to have later in life.


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  1. sparki says:

    It’s good to see you blogging again :-).

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