Well, the final day has come and gone.  We eventually rolled out of bed this morning and headed off to IHOP.  It was cool since they had the Horton has a Who pancake special.  It was pancakes with Red and Blue syrup and a lollipop on top.  Ava and Rebecca both got it (along with the green eggs and ham Rebecca ordered – yes, she actually ate it…ewww.)

This time when we arrived, we took the ferryboat across to the park.  Nothing special, it just took longer.  When we entered Rebecca and Kim decided to drop me, Ava and Bryn at the storytime with Belle while they went and rode Space Mountain.  I’m told its ‘boring’ now by Rebecca and she needs a bigger loopier coaster.  Ava and Bryn enjoyed the storytime once it started and they both got to meet her once it was over.  Ava really liked it.

From there we headed over to toon town where Ava got to experience her first real roller coaster.  It was designed for kids her size, but went really fast and twisted back and forth.  She loved it.  I had to drag her off of it so we could go a second time (she didn’t want to leave her seat.)  The second time, she rode with Rebecca and enjoyed it again.

We then played for a while in the play area (Bryn was loving life – it was just her size) and eventually slowed down the pace as we went over to the It’s a small world after all ride.

Once that was over we ended up in Frontier land where me and Ava ditched everyone and took the boat ride over to the Tom Sawyer area.  We had a blast walking through the underground tunnels and shooting guns out of the fort.  Ava really didn’t want to leave that area.  She would even run over the bouncing bridge without any care.

We ended up eating at the Pecos Bill cafe and when we finished we went next door to the general store for desert (Ava was asking for a sucker and we wanted chocolate of some kind.)  While we were there, we noticed they were clearing the road and our timing was perfect.  We walked out of the store and the big parade of the day was beginning.  We got to see the entire thing and had a good place to view it.

After the parade, we decided we had done enough for the day so we headed back to the room.  Later on it was dinner and souvenir shopping, and now we are crashing after a nice long, fun, last day.

**A minor editorial the Rebecca decided to include upon learning that I had been keeping a journal of our trip:

uncle heath is realy boring he does this just to show it of that he is at disney and all of yall ain’t    ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!  just joking  xoxo becca. 


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