Well, first off, this was a water day, and I wasn’t going to damage a digital camera – so there are no pictures.  Otherwise, the day started out at a local breakfast buffet.  The food was only so-so, but let’s just say we did have a little excitement when Bryn filled up a diaper and then Kim went to take her to change and there was a blowout – all over Kim. 

So, back to the resort we went.  (We had to go back to change into bathing suits anyway.)

Once we arrived at the Lagoon, we went straight to the kiddie area.  Bryn loved to splash around and Ava discovered they had an innertube(sp?) ride just her size.  She rode it several times before we talked her into a break.  During the break, we went on the family tube ride.  It was me, Rebecca and Ava.  I don’t think Ava really enjoyed it since she kept getting water splashed on her head, but when it was over, she said she wanted to do it again so she did it with Kim and Rebecca.

Rebecca then took turns with Me and Kim doing the other two raft rides.  Kim then took Ava and Bryn to the tide pool and me and Rebecca went to the Slide tubes.  It was a long tube that you plunged straight down at around 30MPH only to splash to a stop at the bottom.  I was hesitant since I’m not a big fan of water, but I wasn’t about to chicken out on her.  We did it with no problems.

We returned to find Ava at her own water slide that she would slide to the bottom and then say “Let’s do it again” over and over and over.  She had to have ridden it over 50 times before we left the park.  I figured she would have to collapse before she would leave it.

After a small lunch we played in the sand and the wavepool some more.  The usual splashing around and getting wet in the sun.

Before we left, though, I finally wore down Rebecca and she agreed to snorkel in the shark tank with me.  We geared up and she grabbed my hand and we jumped on in.  You weren’t supposed to kick, so we hobbled along with one of her arms and one of my arms since the ones that were holding one another were useless.  We got to see a couple of stingrays, a leopard shark and a hammerhead shark.  There were also other salt water fish that kept getting in our faces.  You could tell they were used to people swimming in their tank.

When it was over, she went from “I’m not sure I want to do it” to “Let’s do it again.”  At that point, though, everyone was exhausted so we grabbed a funnel cake and went back to the room.  Ava and Bryn fell asleep on the way back, so Kim stayed with them in the car and I think all 3 of them slept out there for around 30-45min.

This evening we went to Downtown Disney and ate at the Rainforest Cafe again.  We did some window shopping, but didn’t really buy anything.  We got back to the room later than usual so everyone crashed hard.  It was at that point everyone got a laugh at me because my back had a nice bright red color to it.  I guess the sunscreen didn’t hold up to all the slides.

Tomorrow, a lazy day at the Magic Kingdom. 


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  1. Rebecca Etheridge says:

    By the way i never agreed to go in the shark tank you dragged me there with you

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