Well, another day has come and gone.  We went to Hollywood Studios F.K.A. MGM Studios. 

This day started out early, since we had to be in the park before 8am for a character breakfast.  It was well worth it.  As we drove in, the ticket booth wasn’t working yet so we got to park for free (can you believe that, something for free at disney?)  It was all the cartoon characters Ava has been watching.  She got to meet the little einstein characters and JoJo the clown.  She was so excited.  It was a really nice breakfast since it was geared for really young kids and not as many folks were there for it.

After breakfast, the park had officially opened so we headed off to see a show.  The High School Musical show was about to start so we watched it.

From there, we decided to have a little fun so we snuck off to the rocking roller coaster.  I entertained Bryn and Ava while Kim and Rebecca waited in line.  I thought it was going to take forever, but they finally returned.  Since I had also gotten a fastpass ticket, Rebecca was able to ride with me a 2nd time as soon as they were done and we returned much quicker for Kim.  I beleive we have made a roller coaster junkie out of Rebecca.  She now claims most of them are ‘boring’ and we have to find more exciting ones. (and that occured later.)

We then decided to let Ava and Bryn play so we went to the honey I shrunk the audience set.  They LOVED it.  Ava found a friend and started following her around – they played all over the place.  Bryn on the other hand discovered she could climb up the steps to the slide as was constantly laughing as she slid down face first.  She also managed to convince Rebecca to go down several of them with her.  She even had me go down the big roll of film with her (photos in the photobook.)

When they tired, we dragged (kicking and screaming in Ava’s case) them out to go watch a show.  The show was delayed so we had lunch and then watched a small film ride.  Not that exciting, but enough to chill out the girls.  We then went to go see the Disney playhouse show where we saw even more characters and got more signatures. 

During the playhouse show, Ava and bryn stood up and danced a few times.  They had Mickey, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny and Winnie the Pooh and Friends.  It was a good show for their ages.

After that we went to the animation studio where Bryn fell asleep so we mellowed out for a few minutes.  We knew we had one more ride before the day was out.

We then headed to…the Tower of Terror.  Ava was pitching a fit by then so somehow she finally just collapsed in my arms asleep.  I got her in the stroller and we propped it up on the street so she wouldn’t fall out head first.  Rebecca and I then went to the ride.  She wasn’t really that scared…at first…lol…then we got seated and it took off.  After some boring dialog and some movement it was a 30-40 foot plunge straight down.  She grabbed my arm, but then all parts not attached to the ride via seatbelt floated up.  So basically we were holding our hands up through most of the ride while it took us up fast and then ‘free fall’ dropped us.  It was GREAT.  When it was done, we both wanted to do it again, but it was getting late so we decided to catch up with Kim and we got some ice cream.  Rebecca dropped her’s while trying to carry a cone and roll the stroller.  An employee was nearby and came over with a broom to clean it up.  As Kim was getting some more money for her to go replace it, they employee was nice enough to say no need, to follow him.  He took Rebecca back over to the ice cream store and they replaced her ice cream for free.  Yea Disney!!  True customer service!!

After that,  we all headed home tired and exhausted from a long day of play.

Tomorrow I think we plan to chill out and maybe to to Typhoon Lagoon (we were going to go to blizzard beach, but that park is closed for maintenance this week. and then Downtown Disney that night for shopping and dinner.  Somehow I think we will still be exhausted.   I wonder if I can talk Rebecca into swimming in the shark tank with me?  If we do, maybe I’ll get a picture!  LOL.


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