Well, we’re finally starting to get in a groove.  We got up and had a nice breakfast in the room – although of course Ava and Bryn didn’t eat much (they ended up snacking all morning instead.)

We arrived at the Animal Kingdom and got a few signatures on the way in.  There are always a couple of characters out front here.  We went straight to the safari and got our fastpass.  We goofed off for a few minutes then went on the ride.  It’s always a fun one since you get to see several cool african animals (ie. Giraffe’s, Zebras, Lions, Hippos, Rhinos, etc.)

We decided to eat lunch early, so we went to the Rainforest Cafe.  It’s a good dining experience that fits with the park.  While you eat, the robotic animals/puppets occasionally put on a show – a much larger scale of the Caribou steakhouse place.  Everyone enjoyed it – especially the Volcano desert we split at the end.

After that we headed over to Dino land where we rode a small dinasour ride and then Kim and Rebecca rode the cool ride while me, Ava and Bryn went and played in the play area.  All the girls enjoyed it. (I don’t care for that ride since it spins and I tend to turn green…lol.)

Rebecca and I also tried the indoor dinasour ride, but it was a letdown – in her words…boring.

We then just had to sign up for the Mt Everest rollercoaster.  While we waited, Ava, Rebecca and Kim got soaked on the water ride while Bryn and I chilled out watching the bird show.  We then took turns riding everest and everyone loved it.  Kim and Rebecca wanted to do it again so Me, Ava and Bryn were going to head over to the ant show.

On the way, we got interrupted by the parade.  That was great except for everyone was in front of us so I had Ava on my shoulders and I was holding Bryn in my arms the entire time.  As soon as it was over, the rain started so we hurried on over to the Ant show (the animated ants, that is.)  Ava enjoyed it and we missed most of the rain while inside.

We walked around a little more, but that was really the day.  As we were leaving, we discovered all the characters had moved outside the entrance and were there for photos/autographs.  We lucked up and got Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and Donald.  All in all another great day at Disney World. 

Tomorrow – Day 5 – MGM Studios (now called Hollywood Studios) and a character breakfast.


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