Well another fun and exhausting day.  I get the feeling we are going to be dragging by the end of the week.  We’re running at full speed and loving every minute!

We got up again today and ate breakfast in our room.  From there, we went straight to the park.  It wasn’t that crowded so we went right to the Nemo ride.  Everyone loved it.  From there, we took some pictures with the sharks and then sat down to watch Crush’s show. (for those of you not in the disney ‘know’ that’s the surfer dude talking turtle from Nemo.)  During the show, he asks kids their names and a lady walks around with a microphone asking them questions.  Every time a kid was asked their name, Ava would yell her name.  So, all you heard was “Ava” and then “Ava” throughout the show.  Since they let her sit up front with the other kids, there was no stopping her.  She loved it!

Next we watched the sharks and the dolphins in their respective aquarium tanks.  Once we dragged her out of there, we went over and Rebecca and I rode the Mission Space ride.  Neither of us got sick (although it was a close one for me since it was a big spinning ride.)  Ava played in the fountain while we did that and had a wonderful time.  We then went back to the room where Kim attempted to get Bryn and Ava to take a nap while me and Rebecca went to the pool.  Well, we didn’t get to stay long, and the girls didn’t really take a nap so since we had an appointment we headed back to the park.

This afternoon, we had scheduled a princess dinner.  It was GREAT!  The girls got to meet and get pictures with Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Cinderella even stopped by.  They now have a book full of princess signatures.  Ava would occasionally see one pass by after they had stopped at our table and yell their names so they would turn and wave at her.  It was cute.  (Although we were worried Ariel would feel disappointed because when she visited Ava – Ava kept yelling out Beauty (short for sleeping beauty) since she could see her at a table nearby.)

After the meal (which was norweigen, so we really were just paying to see the princesses since nobody but me really liked the food,) we walked around the rest of the World Showcase area.  Bryn would start dancing (bouncing like crazy in her stroller) every time we heard music or drumming) and we slowly exhausted anything they had left.

Overall it was a fun day…and we managed to meet all of Ava’s favorite princesses at one time.  While everyone always comments that Epcot might not be the best for small kids, it has continued to be a great stop as we visit. 

Tomorrow – Animal Kingdom…I can’t wait (I just hope the thunderstorms aren’t going to be around for long.)


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