Well, it was a LONG day.  I went out late and got groceries so when we got up, we were able to fix some breakfast (and hopefully save a buck or two.)  Of course Ava didn’t eat anything, but Bryn decided she would eat a little.

Then we were off.  We packed everyone up and arrived soon after at the Magic Kingdom.  We immediately took the tram over to the Monorail where we zipped right over to the Magic Kingdom.

Upon entering, we got Rebecca and Ava a signature book and pen (of course, Ava still thinks it is for her signature and not the characters so has proceeded to decorate several pages herself.)  As soon as we left the shop, we spotted pluto and got the first one. (and it turned out to be the only one of the day, but there are better parks for that.)

We then set out to fantasyland.  First up (upon Ava’s immediate sight) was the Dumbo ride.  Kim and Bryn got in trouble on that ride.  For some reason they told her it was ok to let Bryn sit on her lap, but as soon as the ride started, they stopped it and told her she had to sit beside her under the seatbelt.  Doh.  Talk about being singled out. 

We then rode It’s a Small world and Pooh bear followed by the ferris wheel.  I then convinced Rebecca to fast pass Space Mountain with me.

We had a hotdog on the square for lunch and then rode the little tram in futureland while waiting on our time for Space Mountain.  I think she was a little nervous, but we rode it and when we were done, she said she would ride again given the opportunity (that is after threatening to cause bodily harm to me if I posted a certain picture I took in the middle of the ride.)

Before we left fantasyland, I was able to convince Ava was 40″ tall (at least if she stood on tiptoe) so she rode the Stitch ride with me and Rebecca.  It really wasn’t as scary as they made out (at least not to her) and she had fun on it.

We then mellowed out the end of the day in frontierland.  I managed to get my fresh pineapple juice drink so I was happy.  We decided to ride the coaster train ride so we fast pass’ed it.  I was hoping I was going to be able to sneak Ava on again, but they wouldn’t let me this time so Kim and Rebecca got to ride it.  They both enjoyed it.

To end up the day, we tried the new Pirates of The Carribean ride.  Everyone got on it.  It was a nice indoor air conditioned boat ride, but the line ended up being a little over 30 minutes and by then we were already tired.  Everyone almost passed out before we got home and I think most of us about fell face first while eating sandwiches back at the room before settling down for bath and bed.

Overall a wonderful day.  Tomorrow we have a scheduled dinner with the princess’s at Epcot.  I know the girls can’t wait!

Photos again at the flickr site. Photos at Disney


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