Well, the ‘fun’ part of the road trip began the day before.  I worked a long day, so that left all the packing and organizing to Kim.  All went well until the rental van (we decided to rent a mini-van since the jeep just didn’t have enough room for 5 and luggage.)  We had a nice Dodge minivan with the built in DVD player reserved.  When she got there, they told her the brakes weren’t working right.  So…we got a nice, bland, chevy minivan.  Err…yeah. 

 All went well that night.  The girls all met ‘Nana Margie’ and Rebecca at Ryans and had a nice dinner (where they pumped the kids full of ice cream.)  That made for a wild evening since Bryn was on a nice little sugar high.

We left nice and late Saturday morning (around 8:45) and were dreading a 7-8hr drive turning into a 9-10hr drive.  We stopped at lunch at…of course….Cracker Barrel in Cordele.  We had another stop for gas somewhere in the middle of nowhere Florida.  Next thing I knew, we were there!

4 Girls in the car and only two bathroom stops from Cumming to Orlando.  AMAZING!

We got checked in and went to the Golden Corral for lunch.  After that, everyone was exhausted so we ended the first day.


Magic Kingdom here we come!!

Pictures can be found at Photos from Day 1


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