Well, January seems to be the month for snow.  We actually had enough
this time for Ava to build her first snowman.  We also learned that
while Ava doesn’t mind the cold and loves to play in the snow, that
Bryn doesn’t care for it in the slightest.  When I got out her coat to
go outside with me and Ava today she started screaming she was
dreading it so much (so she ended up staying inside with Kim.)  Me and
Ava had a blast!  We threw snow at each other and build 2-3 snowman
and then she proceeded to knock each one down.

First snow pictures:

and of course a video:

After the snow, we went inside and played a little.  As you can tell,
Ava tends to get all dressed up.  Bryn just sits back and claps.

Anyhow…hope it isn’t too cold for everyone.


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