Well, Ava has officially started school.  Only half day 2 days a week, but it’s a start.  She dove right in.  I think Kim is getting into more trouble than Ava is.  We just got Ava’s second report card, and it seems that we aren’t supposed to send peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch due to the peanut butter.  Ava also isn’t allowed to bring her lovie with her (today she had brought her Giraffe.)  Oh well, live and learn. 

Also, it appears she is becoming the little bully.  Report today said she needed to stop ‘hitting’ her friends in class.  LOL.  I can’t help it.   How did I know I would be raising a little bully.

 Bryn on the other hand is the attention hog.  She really doesn’t like it if she’s not being held or paid attention too.  To the point of screaming until you acknowledge her.  Fun.  But, she’s eating cereal now so next thing you know she will be chasing her sister around the house.  I guess it’s time to babyproof the house again.

Anyhow, that’s all I feel like typing for now.  Only 4 months after my last post.


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