Well, this has been one of those days I needed to journal before I forgot it.  It started around 6:45 with Bryn waking up.  That got both Kim and I up.  I went back to bed.  Kim started to come back to bed, but Bryn wouldn’t go back to sleep so we alternated checking on her until around 7:30 when Ava got up.

Ava was in rare form.  I guess she must not have slept well.  She was whining about everything.  She went upstairs with me and while I was taking a shower, she decided to throw the steps (to a exercise stepper Kim has) off the balcony upstairs.   Then she cried because she couldn’t get the largest piece over the banister rail.  She cried when I took her downstairs.  Overall, she just wasn’t happy.

Then we went to Church.  It was Bryn’s baby dedication day.  Everyone was dressed nicely.  Ava was going to go up on stage with us, but she melted down beforehand.  Before the service started, we had to meet with all the other parents for some instructions.  Of course, Ava was fine at first, but by the end, she was crying because she wasn’t allowed to run around.  That meant she got to go to nursery instead of the service with us.  We were so frazzled, we made it onstage ok, but didn’t follow directions afterward.  As I’m typing this I also realized that we didn’t pick up Bryn’s certificate or little bible.  At least they should hold that for us to pickup on a later date.   I even forgot and took the pager home with us.

Afterwards, we had a good Lunch with Kim’s mom and brother.  Ava was pretty much ok with that.   Naptime followed.  That lasted all of an hour or so for Bryn.  She got Kim up…Kim finally got frustrated so I got up and took Bryn downstairs.  She sat around whining a little, but overall, satisfied that she had someone to give her attention since she was determined not to take a nap.

The rest of the afternoon was a little better…we went to Golden Corral (the only place we can get veggies and sit down fast that we’ve found…not to mention CHEAP.) hehe

We went downtown to IKEA and bought some furniture for my office.  Ava really enjoyed that, since it was a store full of stuff she could run around and touch or climb up on.   I think it was her goal to use every bed there for a trampoline if I would have let her.

I guess the biggest regret was that I think we only got 1 or 2 pictures all day.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.


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