Talk about a fun Easter. This was really Ava’s first year where she could really enjoy hunting for eggs. Even with the cold weather, we had a blast.

We had bundled up for the weather and made it to the church in plenty of time. Ava was so impatient she started screaming when I wouldn’t let her start collecting eggs immediately. It was so bad, mom’s around me were trying to console her, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with them. She just cried because I wouldn’t let her go.

Once the egg hunt began, though, she forgot all about that. I removed her mittens and she charged ahead full speed. She thoroughly enjoyed it. She would spot the egg and charge. If you tried to point one out to her, it was all you could do to get her to stop scanning the ground and look to where you were pointing. She had her total focus on finding the eggs in the grass. She collected a nice little pile in her basket when it was all done and as we walked back to the parking lot, I would occasionally take a couple from the basket and spread them out along the way so she could find them again. It was a great time.

All through this time, Bryn and mom followed, bundled up from head to toe. As you will see in the pictures, Bryn never even peeked outside it was so cold. She just stayed bundled up in a blanket inside Kim’s coat.

After the egghunt, we went over to the gym to have an indoor picnic. Ava had fun chasing the other kids around in between chomping down on a cheeto or two. She had this bad habit of running over to the basketball hoops and standing under them. I was ready for her to get smashed by a ball, but somehow she managed not to.

That evening, Ava and I spent a little time dying some easter eggs. While she didn’t get to do too much this time, hopefully it will grow into a yearly thing as I can still remember the smell of vinegar and the dipping of eggs into the dye. Not to mention, eating all the hard boiled eggs afterward. She didn’t eat any so far, but I’m sure I’ll get her to try them soon.

On Sunday, I had hid some eggs downstairs so when she got up, she got to grab her basket on the stairs and do the hunt all over again.

We got her an easter basket full of gardening toys. Inside was a pink hat that had her running around saying hat, hat. I’m glad it matched her dress for church because she was very demanding about wearing it all day long. It made for some great photos since her hair had just the right curl to stick out from around it.

Bryn got her share of photo moments, too. She got to spend most of Sunday with dad. We helped with her nursery class, so since she was one of only 3 babies with 3 teachers, I got to walk around with her the entire time. Once we got home, she and I curled up on the couch and took a nice long Sunday nap. All in all, it was a very nice weekend.

In celebration of the holiday of the resurrection, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend spent with family and friends. Reminiscing back, I hope I can always give my children a good memory of Easter. I know I have a lot of good memories around the family time and egg hunts that took place growing up.


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