I have to say, I’m proud of Ava’s room.

It’s taken a couple of months, but I’m done. In my defense, I only got to work on it 1-2hrs most weekends so I couldn’t get much accomplished at a time. It’s all worth it in the end. We took her to her room tonight and I saw a nice big grin on her face. Then she ran around climbing in the side windows and jumping on the matress. She learned the doorway was not that tall real quick though. I have on video her taking a step off the mattress down to the step and then jumping on the floor. Well, after a few times of this she didn’t lean out of the door before she jumped. BAM!! She nailed her head on the doorway. It even warped the molding it was so hard. Anyhow, it didn’t really phase her. We expected a meltdown, but I think she didn’t want to get in trouble so she acted like nothing happened.

Well, tonight is the first night we haven’t put her in her crib. We told her it was bedtime, read a book, let her jump around, then dimmed the light and let her lay down with all her blankets and toys and told her goodnight and left the room. We closed the door and it’s been 3hrs and we’ve heard nothing. So far so good. We’re going to open the door before we go to bed, but hopefully we won’t be waken until morning.


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