Let me just say I’m ready for this week to be over.  I wasn’t feeling my best last weekend since I was coming down with a cold, but Ava also managed to get a fever that lasted most of the week.  It ranged in the 102-103 range and got Kim so worried she eventually took her to the pediatrician that just said she had a virus that will run it’s course.

Thursday, I came down with a lower back/abdominal pain.  I thought nothing of it.  It got worse though on Friday.  Saturday morning I was worried it might be an internal injury of some kind so I went to a doc in a box.  They said it was nothing but a muscle injury of some kind (since there was no fever or loss of appetite) so he gave me a muscle relaxer and something to make me forget about the pain.  I like forgetting about the pain.  I mean…I LIKE forgetting.  It wasn’t that strong, but I can see how these drugs can get addictive.  It’s something like Lortab.  Made the weekend more bearable, though, with every movement causing some kind of pain and Ava wanting me to pick her up right and left.

She is starting to get more and more verbose.  Saturday she and I went out to visit Grandpa while Kim was having her hair done.  She played in the McDonalds play area and then we went to Petland.  She saw some balloons as we were walking along the sidewalk and our furture became ever present.  She started pointing and saying something that means ‘balloons.’  I distracted her by walking into Petland.  She loved the dogs and cats.  I have a feeling she will get a dog once Harley passes away.

When we left, she sorta forced me with her pointing and yelling ‘balloon’ in Ava language into walking down to Carvel.  It was some kind of grand opening of a new store.  They gave her a free balloon and took her picture.  She also danced for them since they had loud music blaring outside.  All in all a busy afternoon.


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