Let’s say it’s been a blast.  We had a cookout last night that was great.  Ava kept getting frustrated with Grayson because she wouldn’t share her chair.  Every time she stepped away and he approached it she would run back and stand on it or try and push him away.  I guess we will have to work on her sharing skills.

This morning Ava and Kim got up at their usual times (even though they went to bed later than normal) and dragged me downstairs for a snack before we went over for breakfast.  Breakfast was wonderful.  We’re too lazy to fix a big breakfast ourselves, but we are more than happy to eat it if someone else is fixin’. 

Later this morning we went to the park.  We discovered that Ava loves ducks.  She chased them for quite a while yelling something that could probably be interpretted as quack quack (in Ava language) but the ducks didn’t care for it.  She almost got away from me once or twice and follow them into the pond.  By the end of the visit, I think she could barely stand she was so tired.

They are now in the room napping, so I figure I’d use the time to log a little.


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